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Using PLR For Giveaways

For an Internet marketer, there is nothing more serious than a falling rate of visitors or the inability of your website to retain visitors. You may have a business website which is state of the art, contains all product information and yet refuses to click. Or you may own a blog that started off with a bang but is now finding it difficult to maintain the steady stream of visitors that it once did.

As you do some research and speak to a few visitors, you find that they are all unhappy with the content or the lack of it. On your business website, there is nothing more to attract them and your blog has run out of fresh ideas. Either way, they are asking for the same thing – give us something new; give us something that is interesting.

But where do you go to find something new and interesting on a regular basis? Neither are your products going to change that much nor is your business. And besides where does one have the time to sit and write on such a regular basis? All valid questions and answered with just one phrase – Private Label Rights Products.

Of course you have heard about Private Label Rights Products, you say. These are inexpensive ebooks or articles that you could modify anyway you like. But how are these going to bring back the visitors to your site or blog? The answer is again very simple – use them as free giveaways.

Here are few ways in which you can convert PLR products in to free giveaways and not only retain visitors but also gain more:

· You will find many PLR articles relevant to the products that you are selling or the blog that you are writing. Combine a few of these articles together. Make sure they are free of errors, polish them up and then enhance them by adding the latest survey data, interesting charts or figures, revealing statistics and so on. You now have a small report ready on hand. Make this available for free on your website or your blog, with a request that visitors who wish to download the report should sign up for a mailing list.

· You can also find many video tutorials available as PLR products. Find a few that are again relevant to your business or blog and after modifying them suitably, brand them with your website name or blog name. Make these videos available as free downloads. Send an email to all your subscribers informing them that these tutorials are available for free downloads from your website or blog. In the same mail, mention the release of a new product or a new article on your blog and include a prominent link.

· There are many PLR ebooks that are instructional or informative in nature. You could form a package of ebooks, all on the same topic, and give it away for free to customers who buy a product from your site. As a blog owner, you could offer it for free to those who buy from your affiliate.


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