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Lazy PLR Use Won’t Get Your Far

Private label rights content makes life a lot easier for most Internet marketers. It provides them with a way to quickly generate marketable products and gives them a sizable head start with respect to the creation of unique web content. It’s powerful stuff.

But lazy PLR use won’t get you far. You can’t hope to use PLR content to assist obtaining organic search traffic. If you try to publish barely-edited or “as is” versions of PLR articles, you’ll find your pages only in the supplemental results—if you’re lucky.

Google doesn’t reward people because they know how to cut and paste. You need to correctly adjust and rewrite your PLR content in order for it to be successful as web content. That does require a little effort, but it’s still much less labor-intensive (and far less expensive) than commissioning new “from scratch” content. It’s also a lot more enjoyable than spending your days poring through research and clicking away at the keyboard.

There’s power in PLR—for those who know how to use it the right way. The folks looking for the no-effort shortcut, however, are doomed to be disappointed.