The Birth of the PLR License

You’ve probably noticed the license that comes with almost every private label rights product. We’ve discussed it here several times, in fact. I thought you might be interested in learning a little bit about the background of this now-ubiquitous document format.

PLR content didn’t always have a “standardized” license. Vendors would create their own terms and conditions and they could vary a great deal in terms of structure and content. As you would guess, this led to some serious confusion with respect to certain offers. There was a need for a better way to clearly state what one could and couldn’t do with PLR products.

What is now the standard license format for PLR and other resell rights products was developed by Internet marketer John Delavera in response to the confusion and chaos surrounding the burgeoning PLR field. He introduced the format in the Warrior Forum (an online forum devoted to the discussion of Internet marketing issues). It was well-received and soon took on a life of its own outside of the forum, as well.

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