Using PLR To Start A Home Study Course

Lily had always loved the different kinds of jars that filled up her kitchen. Reluctant to throw them out, she would reuse them for all sorts of things. To store knick-knacks, snacks for kids, even her spare coins! Lily slowly got the idea of using these jars as gift containers. She would fill up the jar with different kinds of nuts for the nut-lovers, flavored tea packets for tea lovers, coffee beans for the coffee lover – the list went on. She would then wrap it up beautifully with satin ribbons and top it with a hand-made card. Not before long, Lily’s gifts became the talk of the town. In fact, everyone told her that they were willing to learn how to make such beautiful gift jars from her if she was willing to teach them.

As a stay-at-home mom of two, Lily had everything but time on her hand. She wished she could start some kind of home study course in which she could teach various ways of making gifts at home. In fact, Lily always wanted to try something that would let her earn some additional income from home. This, she thought, would have been perfect. But for the life of her, she could not think of how she was going to start a professional looking home study course when she hardly had time to sit and write anything down. That was when Lily discovered the magic of PLR products.

As Lily was browsing the Internet one day, she saw a beautifully written ebook on gifts and gift making which had an entire section on using jars as gifts. It also mentioned that the ebook was a PLR product and was available for a small price. Lily could not believer her eyes. She read up all about what PLR products were, how she could modify them to any extent, how she could sell them as her own products and pocket all the profits.

Lily immediately took the following steps:

· She gathered as much PLR material on gifts, gift selection and gift making as she could. These were in the form of ebooks, articles and videos.

· Lily carefully went through all the material checking them for errors, polishing up various sections till she had all the content for her study course ready.

· She now supplemented this with a companion checklist to be used while making various gifts and also an easy to refer list of 101 gift ideas.

· Lily also carefully edited all the PLR videos, branded them with her own name and put them all on a CD that would accompany her home study course material.

· She also opened a website where she made all this material available for a nominal price.

Today, Lily supplements the PLR content in her home study course with her own writings when time permits. She has her own videos, taken while preparing different kinds of gift jars. But even now, when Lily is pressed for time and it is time to update some of her course content, she turns to PLR content.

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