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Using PLR To Start A Home Study Course

Lily had always loved the different kinds of jars that filled up her kitchen. Reluctant to throw them out, she would reuse them for all sorts of things. To store knick-knacks, snacks for kids, even her spare coins! Lily slowly got the idea of using these jars as gift containers. She would fill up the jar with different kinds of nuts for the nut-lovers, flavored tea packets for tea lovers, coffee beans for the coffee lover – the list went on. She would then wrap it up beautifully with satin ribbons and top it with a hand-made card. Not before long, Lily’s gifts became the talk of the town. In fact, everyone told her that they were willing to learn how to make such beautiful gift jars from her if she was willing to teach them.

As a stay-at-home mom of two, Lily had everything but time on her hand. She wished she could start some kind of home study course in which she could teach various ways of making gifts at home. In fact, Lily always wanted to try something that would let her earn some additional income from home. This, she thought, would have been perfect. But for the life of her, she could not think of how she was going to start a professional looking home study course when she hardly had time to sit and write anything down. That was when Lily discovered the magic of PLR products.

As Lily was browsing the Internet one day, she saw a beautifully written ebook on gifts and gift making which had an entire section on using jars as gifts. It also mentioned that the ebook was a PLR product and was available for a small price. Lily could not believer her eyes. She read up all about what PLR products were, how she could modify them to any extent, how she could sell them as her own products and pocket all the profits.

Lily immediately took the following steps:

· She gathered as much PLR material on gifts, gift selection and gift making as she could. These were in the form of ebooks, articles and videos.

· Lily carefully went through all the material checking them for errors, polishing up various sections till she had all the content for her study course ready.

· She now supplemented this with a companion checklist to be used while making various gifts and also an easy to refer list of 101 gift ideas.

· Lily also carefully edited all the PLR videos, branded them with her own name and put them all on a CD that would accompany her home study course material.

· She also opened a website where she made all this material available for a nominal price.

Today, Lily supplements the PLR content in her home study course with her own writings when time permits. She has her own videos, taken while preparing different kinds of gift jars. But even now, when Lily is pressed for time and it is time to update some of her course content, she turns to PLR content.

Using PLR For Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular approaches in Internet marketing is that of affiliate marketing. Many Internet start-ups like the idea of affiliate marketing since it gives them an entry point in the huge Internet business world without the actual need to develop their own product or service. All they need to invest in is a website or a blog and they can immediately start selling various products and services. For the business that is actually developing these products and services too, this is a cost-saving exercise, since they do not need a full-fledged sales team on their staff. They can just pay on a commission basis for sales that actually happen and all the marketing is taken care of by their affiliates.

However, if you plan on just designing a website or blog with some links added and then expect the sales to just happen, you are sadly mistaken. You will need to put in some effort in promoting and marketing these products. This is where PLR products will come in handy. You can make very effective use of PLR content in all your marketing efforts.

We will mention a few ways in which your affiliate marketing campaign can benefit from using PLR content. Hopefully these should be sufficient to get you started:

1. One of the best ways of using PLR content is to choose articles that are relevant to the affiliate products. Mention how the products can be used to overcome many common challenges. At relevant places in the article, you could include a link to the affiliate website, directly to the products you are marketing or to a personal landing page on your website from where you can direct them further.

2. You can enhance your personal landing pages with more PLR content. By providing valuable information to visitors and prospective customers as they come to your site, you are establishing your own credibility as an expert in this subject.

3. PLR material can provide great content to produce content rich Web 2.0 features such as Hubpages or Squidoo lenses.

4. Collect a few articles together and bring it out as a report. You could add some latest data or statistics to give it more credibility. Now throughout the report, mention your affiliate products where ever possible. Provide this report as a free giveaway to all those visitors who are willing to sign up to your mailing list. Though this may take a little more time, your customers are bound to appreciate a truly informative report. In fact, this is another way of establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Many affiliate marketers are afraid of using PLR content in their marketing efforts as they are not aware of the various ways a limited amount of material can be modified and used to produce profitable results. The ones we have mentioned above are just a few of them – use your own creativity and you will find that you can come up with more ways of using PLR content in affiliate marketing.

Using PLR For Membership Sites

Along with the products that you sell through your website, your business could make additional income by making some content available exclusively to members. For example, suppose you manage to sign up 200 members paying just $20 a month for information on your site, you will already be earning $4000 over and above what you make from sale of products. Of course, the catch is that you need to be able to provide fresh content, updated on a regular basis to your members because otherwise they will feel cheated and an unhappy customer is bad for business.

You can build a membership site around a carefully selected number of extremely good quality private label rights articles, ebooks and videos. You can modify these and post them on a regular basis to the ‘members only’ area so that only members can view them or download them as they wish. Here are a few different ways in which you can use PLR content for your membership sites.

· For members willing to pay more, you could make additional or more technical material available. You could also include tutorials and how-to guides.

· You could offer a free report or ebook the first time a member signs up for the site.

· You could also offer a small selection of the content for those prospects that actually make a purchase.

· You could make money in the ‘members only’ area by placing related ads, offering SEO products and even related memberships.

· Once members sign up for your site, you could send them additional emails informing them of new products on your website or those of your affiliate.

· You could also include video tutorials on a regular basis in the member area. PLR video tutorials can be easily edited and branded with your company name and website. Many members will appreciate these video tutorials.

· PLR ebooks in the manner of ‘how-to’ guides also prove very popular. You should modify these guides to reflect the products that you are selling.

Another point that you need to bear in mind is that you must never compromise on the quality of the content that you are going to provide. If your budget is limited, then you may be better off providing a one-time offer for all your members to download the content for a reasonable price. You can also have giveaway reports or ebooks that you could make available only to members. Make sure that these carry your company logo and your website address.

If you are concerned about the quality of the material, another alternative is to make the membership absolutely free. You can make money through affiliate links placed in the member area. Include content that is relevant to the affiliate products as well and make suitable recommendations.

As you can see, there are many benefits to running a membership site. Apart from the fact that this can be used to generate additional income for your business, it can also be used to great effect to create brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Using PLR For Giveaways

For an Internet marketer, there is nothing more serious than a falling rate of visitors or the inability of your website to retain visitors. You may have a business website which is state of the art, contains all product information and yet refuses to click. Or you may own a blog that started off with a bang but is now finding it difficult to maintain the steady stream of visitors that it once did.

As you do some research and speak to a few visitors, you find that they are all unhappy with the content or the lack of it. On your business website, there is nothing more to attract them and your blog has run out of fresh ideas. Either way, they are asking for the same thing – give us something new; give us something that is interesting.

But where do you go to find something new and interesting on a regular basis? Neither are your products going to change that much nor is your business. And besides where does one have the time to sit and write on such a regular basis? All valid questions and answered with just one phrase – Private Label Rights Products.

Of course you have heard about Private Label Rights Products, you say. These are inexpensive ebooks or articles that you could modify anyway you like. But how are these going to bring back the visitors to your site or blog? The answer is again very simple – use them as free giveaways.

Here are few ways in which you can convert PLR products in to free giveaways and not only retain visitors but also gain more:

· You will find many PLR articles relevant to the products that you are selling or the blog that you are writing. Combine a few of these articles together. Make sure they are free of errors, polish them up and then enhance them by adding the latest survey data, interesting charts or figures, revealing statistics and so on. You now have a small report ready on hand. Make this available for free on your website or your blog, with a request that visitors who wish to download the report should sign up for a mailing list.

· You can also find many video tutorials available as PLR products. Find a few that are again relevant to your business or blog and after modifying them suitably, brand them with your website name or blog name. Make these videos available as free downloads. Send an email to all your subscribers informing them that these tutorials are available for free downloads from your website or blog. In the same mail, mention the release of a new product or a new article on your blog and include a prominent link.

· There are many PLR ebooks that are instructional or informative in nature. You could form a package of ebooks, all on the same topic, and give it away for free to customers who buy a product from your site. As a blog owner, you could offer it for free to those who buy from your affiliate.

Using PLR For Blog Posts

If you are a regular blogger, you will appreciate that it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to come up with fresh ideas and content to keep your blog active. However, PLR products could help make your life easier.

PLR products are Private Label Products and are essentially products that you are free to modify, edit and brand with your blog or website name. Since it is typically ghostwritten content, you do not have to accredit the writing to anybody in particular giving you the opportunity to make use of all the content. And what is best about PLR products is that they are fairly inexpensive – costing barely a few dollars per product.

If you are keen on starting a blog or are already a blogger, PLR content offers you the following benefits:

· If you are too busy to write up content for your blog, PLR content can solve that problem for you.

· If you can come up with fresh ideas and topics but do not like to write, PLR content can save you the trouble of starting from scratch.

· If you are not happy with the quality of your posts, you should be aware that PLR content is typically written by professional writers.

· If you are short of ideas, PLR content can provide you with several new ideas.

· PLR content helps drive the traffic to your blog or website – having fresh content on your blog regularly will help retain visitors and attract more customers.

You can use PLR content for your blog in ways that seem fit to you. However, if you need some help in getting those creative juices flowing, here are some suggestions:

· You can just post the PLR articles as blog posts so that there is new content on your blog.

· You can use software to schedule the regular publication of articles so that there is a continuous stream of fresh blog posts with new content.

· You can send an email to your mailing list informing them of a new article on your blog and include a brief excerpt with a link back to your blog.

· If you are in an affiliate program, you can put up an article or a post that is relevant to your affiliate. Include links to your affiliate website or all the products that are relevant to the content in the article.

· You can use PLR content to drive keyword-targeted ads. Whether it is Google AdSense or any other type of advertising, you will find many opportunities in a PLR article to display the ads.

· Use a few PLR articles, add some statistics and graphs to generate a new report that your visitors will be happy to have a copy of. You can again create a new blog post informing them of this report or send an email.

· You can offer this report as a special gift to all those visitors who are willing to register themselves and subscribe to your list.

Building Your Email List With PLR

The mantra of every marketer is ‘Have your own list of subscribers’. By showing visitors the benefits of registering with your site or offering them a gift for signing up, you should be able to get many of them to subscribe to your newsletter or join an email list. Such an email list is very helpful in promoting your product and giving your business adequate exposure.

Of course, you may be a little concerned as your email list has just a few subscribers and you are aware that it may be a while before you can build a substantial email list. No problem – we will now show you how you can build an email list with PLR products. And the best part is, you will not have to shell out a single cent to do so.

Before you start working on an email list, you must create a product that you believe your visitors or prospective customers will be keen on having. This could be an ebook, software or a video. Look up Private Label Rights products that are closely related to your business. These products can be modified to a very large extent at the end of which they can be resold as your own products. There are a large variety of PLR products in the market today – select one that you feel fits your purpose best.

Suppose you feel an ebook on online marketing will go well with the online marketing software that you are selling. Select a PLR ebook that deals with online marketing. Make sure that you are happy with the quality of the ebook, that it comes with all the images necessary and that there is a sales page in the book.

Now, you can get down to editing the book. First, ensure that the ebook is free of all errors – check the spelling and grammar. You can now add a note from your company and put in the company logo. You can also add your company website address in the footer of every page. You can now convert this in to a PDF document – the content of your ebook is ready.

Next, work on the images that came along with the PLR products, to get something that will go well with your company title and logo. Add your company name and website to the front and back cover page image as well. Consider changing the title to something really eye-catching. You now have a brand new ebook ready to be sold.

Of course, by now you may be a little confused as to how an ebook is going to get you subscribers. Simple. Give your ebook away for free on your company website – all visitors need to do is fill up a simple form with their email address. You could also promote your book on specialty giveaway sites. Visitors will love the idea of getting a free ebook on a topic of their choice and they would not mind filling up the form asked for. In fact, they believe that it is a small price to pay for a wonderful book. And very quickly, you would have built yourself a very large, valuable email list of subscribers.

Creating Your Own Products From PLR

Most of us visit websites and look up blogs because we are seeking information or we want to share information. If you can sell products that contain information that your visitors or customers might be interested in, you can be sure that they will be more than willing to purchase it. However, how you can you make time, from that busy schedule of yours, to create informational products for your clients? Easy, just use PLR products.

PLR products – articles, ebooks, or videos – are an excellent source of information and by spending just a little amount of time on editing and modifying the content suitably, you can even sell them as yours. Here are some key ideas on creating your own informational products from PLR products.

1. Most Private Label Rights products will allow you to make extensive changes, even allowing you to call yourself the author. You can sell the edited version for whatever price you deem fit and pocket all the profits. Make sure you go through the license agreement that typically comes with the package, to understand exactly what rights you have been given. In fact, most PLR products come in packages that contain all the images and a sales page. This way, you need to worry only about editing some of the wording that you are not happy with or a font or color. Most of the work has already been done.

When you start editing the PLR product, do not think of it as a finished product. Look at it afresh and see what changes you will need to make so that you are happy calling the book your own. Remember to keep a copy of the original. Now, just keep writing and editing and soon you will have product that is yours. Give it a suitable tile (or keep the old one if you are happy with it), claim authorship and then think of selling it the way you wish.

2. Of course, despite buying a PLR product, you may still not have the time to do all the editing. In such a case, you might want to hire a professional writer or editor who can do the job for you for a very reasonable price.

3. If you are going to be hiring someone else, you should be very clear about what you want and by when you want the project completed. Note down all the terms and conditions clearly, especially that you will retain full ownership of the content. Most professional writers will be fully aware of the standard terms and conditions. If you like, you could go to freelance services site like, look at what other PLR product owners are doing to get a better idea of how things work.

Regardless of whether you decide to handle the editing part yourself, or choose to hire a professional to do so, PLR products will still save you a lot of time. Rather than working on something from scratch, you will only need to take a ready-made template and then work on it till you get something your customers will be happy with.

Getting the Most From PLR Ebooks

PLR ebooks can be a great way of earning some quick profits. All you need to do is purchase a private label rights ebook that you believe visitors to your website or blog will be interested in and then buy the rights to put your name as the author so that you can sell it for a profit. Of course, you may wonder why, if you can post the contents of the ebook on your website or blog, should you go to all the trouble of rewriting or editing the ebook. By editing the ebook, you are creating a book that will have your original insights and your unique touches, making them different from the other PLR ebooks that all look and sound alike.

Here is a quick guide to how you can get the most from PLR ebooks:

· First of all, check out the quality of the PLR ebooks. It does not matter if you need to pay a few more dollars for quality – you will get back your investment and more if you buy a high quality product. It also makes your job of editing a whole lot easier.

· Many PLR ebooks come with a prepackaged sales copy that you can use to sell your ebook. This will also save you money as you can just edit your ebook, use the sales copy and you are all set to sell your book.

· Though most PLR ebooks come with all the necessary images like the cover, the header, footer, sales page and so on, some might try to cut on costs by not having any of these. Again, spend a few extra dollars by buy a PLR ebook that contains all images.

· The attractive feature of PLR products is that only limited resale rights are sold to buyers. This limits the number of people buying the ebook, giving your book some exclusivity and making it more lucrative. Ensure before you buy your PLR ebook that only limited resale rights are sold.

· When you start working on the ebook, do not think of it as a finished product but instead think of it as a starting point. Now, add your comments or thoughts as you go along – slowly you will find the book acquiring a unique tone. You can change the fonts used, use your own images or experiment with the colors so that you give it a completely different look. Most importantly, see if the title of the book grabs your immediate attention. Since this is the first thing that people will read, make sure your book has a sufficiently attractive title.

· You can add more weight to your book by interviewing experts on various topics and then including them at relevant places. Mention this in your sales copy so as to increase the value of your book.

· Buying a PLR ebook and editing it is not the only way to create a unique ebook. You could collect several PLR articles on related topics, work on them and then compile them to create a unique ebook.

Learn To Quickly Brand PLR Videos

Like most people, you may have come across some really great PLR videos that you are confident, will be very popular amongst your customers. The problem is you do not know exactly how to do so or perhaps you are afraid that it will involve a whole lot of technical stuff that you are not comfortable with. You should however bear in mind that PLR videos can earn you quick profits, when branded the right way. And it does not require any kind of special technical expertise. Let us show you how you can quickly brand PLR videos and take advantage of a wonderful money-making opportunity.

By branding PLR videos, you are converting the product into something unique, something that will carry your individual touch. And in order to do that, it is essential that you edit the original video. Let us assume that you have a video file that is in the .avi format. Most .avi files are easy to format and more importantly, you can find many free video editing tools that you can use for your editing purposes. Two of the more popular paid tools are Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia Studio. Whatever the software you use, it will come with a list of step-by-step instructions on how you can go about editing various files.

You can now edit your video file at places that you feel fit – you could add explanations in your voice or add comments. You could add an entry screen, explaining what the video is about and an exit screen, summarizing what was in the video. In fact, if you are willing to learn a few technical tricks, you can even change the look of the entire video. Once you are done editing, you can add your name as the creator of the video (you will of course need to understand the license agreement and the limits to which you can make changes) and brand it with your company name. Once you have mastered the art of branding videos, you can do the same thing to any PLR video that you purchase.

Your newly branded videos can now be sold or used in different ways:
· You could sell them individually from your website or on eBay.
· You could edit a few videos all based on a special topic, like online marketing, and then sell that from your website or on eBay.
· You could simply submit them to video sharing sites like YouTube to give it more exposure.
· You could gift them to customers who purchase a product from your site.
· You could gift them to visitors who register themselves on your site.
· You could use them on AdSense websites.

As you can see, branding PLR videos to give them a touch of originality will only work in your favor. It differentiates them from the hundred other PLR videos that look the same otherwise. And that is what will attract more visitors and more customers, resulting in more sales.