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Tips for Rewriting PLR Content

The dreaded rewrite.  It’s the one part of private label rights content that people don’t enjoy.  They know it’s faster than coming up with “from scratch” content, but they wish there was an easier way.  Unfortunately, there is no mechanized alternative that really make the process any quicker at a sufficient level of quality.

It is possible to get your rewriting done more quickly than you might think, however.  Consider these three tips.

First, start with quality PLR content. It’s easier to ingest, understand and rewrite material that was well-written to begin with.  Working with low-quality options is a chore.  Working with the good stuff is a joy.

Second, worry more about idea restatement and less about word substitution.  Reaching for the thesaurus (real or online) when rewriting your material isn’t efficient and it’s not necessary.  If you come to grips with a  concept and rewrite it in your own terms, you’ll have a better chance of getting the job done quickly.

Third, work with one idea at a time, not one sentence.  Don’t fall into the habit of trying to rewrite individual sentences.  Instead, try to think in terms of paragraphs and concepts.  This makes more quicker rewrites that work better than line-by-line efforts.

If you put those three tips to use, you’ll begin to feel less upset about rewriting your private label rights content.  It will be an easier job that you’ll be able to handle with more speed.

The PLR Professor